We Rank the Best Perfumes for Both Men and Women


Anyone who has dashed out the door only to realize they forgot to spray on their favorite fragrance knows the uneasiness that comes with not feeling confident about the way you smell.

In fact, research shows that physical attraction may actually be based on smell. When it comes to the best perfumes for Both Men and women, it’s definitely all about the juice — not trends — which is why we consistently see that the best-selling perfumes usually aren’t new launches.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, for example, launched in 2001 and takes the top position this year, with Chanel Chance – last year’s top-seller – close behind.

“The top women’s prestige fragrances do not often change as they are juices that have appeal to diverse consumers,” says Linda G. Levy, president of The Fragrance Foundation.

“Many have been established scents in our lives for years and the majority of these brand franchises have a dominant presence with major distribution plus in-store and e-commerce support, as well as creative marketing, social campaigns, and promotions. All these factors help keep the brands on Tops.”

We Rank the Best Perfumes for Both Men and Women.

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