Men’s Fashion: How to Nail Office wear

T-shirt & Jeans

We are in a golden era where many workplaces have allowed a flexible culture when office wear is concerned. With the days of suits, shirts and office ties coming to an end, it is still possible to look smart and professional. Below are some tips on men’s fashion that will help you nail your office wear.

1. Smart Choice

Even though it is a must to wear a suit in some offices, going an extra mile can show how serious you mean business. There is nothing more authorizing than wearing a good looking suit. A great suit will make you look smart, confident and professional.

Apart from looking good, you will maintain your class as well.
For a good suit, go for grey or navy colors since they offer that professional sense you might be after.

2. Simple But Classic

Today, if you look at business leaders, professionals, movies stars, and politicians, you will find one thing in common. They have all look simple but classic. There are many ways you can look good through the use of great colors and patterns. For instance, if you choose a brightly-colored shirt, wear it with a simple black suit. If you are wearing a striped suit, pair it with a plain shirt.

3. Casual Work-Wear

Another great men’s fashion for office work is casual work-wear. If you work in a place that is a bit relaxed, then casual is a great choice. No one likes men who try so hard to dress. But it does not mean you can wear an old t-shirt to work. There is always a point where you cannot reach. The best thing is to understand how to incorporate the right trouser, shirt, and good shoes.

4. Mix and Match

Just because it is an office it does not mean you must complicate your dress code. When office men’s fashion is concerned, the most effective look is the simplest. Being able to mix and match can provide that great business look you always admire. For example, matching a pair of smart khaki trouser with a long-sleeve shirt is an amazing look. Also, depending on your office atmosphere, you can bring in a colored shirt or a jumper.

5. T-shirt & Jeans

Even though the T-shirt and jeans might not be the best office wear choice, a fitted-jeans can work in a smart-casual environment. But it is wise to always maintain that professional look. Hence, avoid baggy or torn jeans. You can keep things old-school and simple by going for black or blue jeans, a good t-shirt or a polo shirt.

From casual work-wear to t-shirt and jeans, you can easily change from that ordinary wear of suits to a smart professional look. However, always stick your office rules and guidelines. With all those great office wear choices, do not ignore the shoes. Whether you will be wearing a suit or a jean, the type of shoe you wear should match your dressing and your office ethics. Keep in mind that your personality is well defined by the type of shoes you wear.

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