Effective Use of body scrub – How to use body scrub

Effective Use of body scrub

Scrubs are a means for effective cleansing of the skin from the dead particles. It is as well known as an exfoliating. They make the face and body smooth and elastic. However, excessive or improper use of the remedy is quite capable of doing more harm than good.

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You should apply exfoliating remedies properly, in any case, do not use products for the body on your face.

The exfoliating components in their composition are too coarse and aggressive for the delicate skin of the face, you will get nothing but micro-traumas from such an experiment. And facial scrubs just will not give any result if you use them for the body, simply because they are not sufficiently abrasive.

Cosmetologists advise using scrubs after a hot shower, bath or bath: steamed skin is more susceptible and cleans much easier.

In a sauna or a bath, the remedy will work best if you apply it after the second entry into the steam room. The best time for scrubbing is in the evening, since the cells divide at night faster, which means that the epidermis free from the dead cells will be renewed more quickly. After cleansing, you should apply a moisturizer to your body, especially it is important after using salt-based products.

How to use the scrub:

  • Before applying the scrub, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned and steamed to open the pores. Then the dead particles are more easily and efficiently removed.
  • The scrub is plentifully applied to the body and gently massaged in a circular motion for 5-6 minutes.
  • Thoroughly rinse the skin with water and apply a moisturizer with a light, non-greasy texture.

Effective Use of body scrub

It is not enough to get an expensive remedy to get smooth, velvety skin. Besides, you need to know how to use the body scrub properly. Otherwise, there is a risk of not getting the result you expected.

There are several recommendations not to do harm to your skin:

  • Before using a new scrub, you need to test for allergies.
  • If there is a feeling of tightness, burning, peeling or redness after scrubbing that does not go away and after moisturizing cream, immediately stop using this peeling.
  • Do not use scrubs if the skin has cracks or cuts. In addition to the discomfort that will undoubtedly appear, there is the possibility of their infection.
  • Scrubs are contraindicated if you have a rash. You should contact a professional beautician for treatment.


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