Essentials Pieces That Should Be in Every Lady’s Closet


What are the things in your wardrobe that you cannot do without? Interesting, many of us have things we don’t need and lack things that we need.

The key quality things are to add other pieces to your wardrobe to suit any occasion. Purchase the highest quality of basic pieces you can afford and pay less for trendy items that will go out of style by next season.

The Basic pieces every woman should have in her closet are:

  • You need a black dress that has a flattering length and style.
  • There should be a white long sleeve front shirt with a button that you can use as an overshirt or wear with a suit.
  • There should be a dark jacket that can be worn with jeans, slacks, or dresses.
  • You need a neutral colour cardigan.
  • Camisoles and tanks for your layering.
  • You can have dark pants for your night outs with your friends.
  • Don’t forget that dark long shirt can be used with various accessories and tops
  • For more casual occasions, you need dark denim jeans
  • If there is something you don’t need to lack, it is pumped with heels that fit a variety of outfits
  • Your dresses, slacks and jeans will fit flats
  • You need a tote for your outing and shopping
  • You also need a well-constructed handbag for casual events and work
  • Finally, you need an evening bag

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“It’s a better long-term investment to buy high-quality pieces that last for several seasons.” We couldn’t agree more! This topic has come up more than once on our blog, including this recent post about 5 accessories you should invest in.


“Opt for a mix of classic pieces and trend-driven updates.” Another great point to keep in mind! Because as much as we love trendy chokers, there’s nothing more classic than a simple pendant necklace.

Form & Function

“Your clothes should be both practical (easy to move in, comfortable) and beautiful.” As women we often wear many hats- boss, mom, wife, etc. It’s important to be able to flow from one task to another and a functional yet beautiful wardrobe can make that a lot easier.


“Stock your closet with pieces that can work for multiple occasions, outfits, and seasons.”Along with being functional, you also need pieces that are versatile. Outfits that can take us from carpool to work to soccer games to happy hour are the best kind of outfits.


“Your clothes should be a reflection of your current personal style.” Whether you’re minimalist, boho, or somewhere in-between – there’s nothing more fun than expressing yourself through clothes.

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