Mask with Lemon and Aspirin

LOOKING GOOD: Lemon With Aspirin Tablets To Look Younger Forever

According to experts, aspirin is very effective due to its ingredient known as salicylic acid. Besides being able to relieve the pain, aspirin can also...

Reasons Why you should avoid Cow’s Milk

Cow’s milk has long been touted as the go-to source for calcium. But look past the spin and it’s easy to see that milk...

Don’t Underestimate the Vitamins in Avocado Pear

Avocados, also known as the alligator pear or butter fruit are a stone fruit with a creamy texture that grows in warm climates. Their...
Green coffee beans

GREEN COFFEE: Uses, Effectiveness and Side Effect

Green coffee beans are coffee seeds (beans) of Coffea fruits that have not yet been roasted. The roasting process of coffee beans reduces amounts...
Vitamin E

VITAMINE E: Uses, Benefits and Side Effect

Generic Name: vitamin E (VYE ta min E) Brand Names: Aqua-E, Aquasol E, Aquavit-E, Aqueous Vitamin E, E-400 Clear What is vitamin E? Vitamin E is an...

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